Chat Log: About the camera in the revolt engine & portals

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Date: 2000-03-24
Author: ali
06:55 Antimorph: Ali, I'm assuming there is no way to manipulate the camera in Revolt
06:56 Antimorph: apart from doing it yourself via Makeitgood. hmm just a wish I suppose
06:56 ali: What do you mean? Making better replays or creating new in-game views?
06:57 Antimorph: creating new in-game views
06:57 Antimorph: static camera for sake of argument
06:58 Antimorph: I wonder what those "portals" do.
06:59 BurnRubr: portals--- doorway or gate way
06:59 ali: (1) In-game views are impossible.
06:59 BurnRubr: my something to do with look at different area of track
06:59 Antimorph: k, thought as much
06:59 BurnRubr: they hard coded
06:59 BurnRubr: the veiws
07:00 ali: (2) Portals: I spent lots of time together with LaserBeams on them. We found out how to create and modify them, but be didn't get themn to do something. My idea is that they found out that they are useless while devolping the game, and then decided to rip them out, and call the Edit Mode 'Erm. Nothing to see here".
07:00 BurnRubr: or maybe portals deal with way things rendered in game or what is rendered
07:01 Antimorph: I just wanted the latest theory

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