Chat Log: Short talk of rhino, visiboxes, and rvglue3

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Date: 2000-03-21
Author: ali
16:00 ED-Nick loads up rhino
16:01 ED-Nick: im getting ready to make an all instance track (with custom models)
16:01 ali: From rhino?
16:01 ali: Uh. *with*
16:01 ED-Nick: yeah, how does laserbeams convert his cars?
16:01 ED-Nick: he uses rhino
16:02 ali: Dunno.
16:02 ED-Nick: i dunno either
16:02 ali: I think he sends them to someone with 3ds in max format
16:02 ali: Just an idea
16:03 ED-Nick: when using your glue tool, how do you specify two different surface properties at a time? like the main track be say uh... rocky, and the rest of it be, say.. grassy, would you have to convert these at different times?
16:03 ali: lego track?
16:03 ED-Nick: no
16:04 ED-Nick: im just saying, like in midnight construction site
16:04 ali: Depends on how your track is organized. All-instance, and lots of them, or just one really big one?
16:05 ED-Nick: i was figuring the two different surface types would need to be different instances, right?
16:05 ali: If you have two different, you could do something like... [minute to type...]
16:06 ED-Nick: ok.... (me waits while you type)
16:06 ali: create ( yeppa )
16:06 ali: myfin.fin (
16:06 ali: instance1 ( surface ( mud ) )
16:06 ali: instance2 ( surface ( grass ) )
16:06 ali: )
16:07 ED-Nick: k
16:07 ED-Nick: how do you specify the instances?
16:08 ali: By name, without .prm
16:08 ali: So, above example means that you used "instance1.prm" for the things you want muddy.
16:09 ED-Nick: oh!!
16:09 ED-Nick: i get it
16:10 ED-Nick: coolio :D, now to actually build stuff, hehe
16:10 ED-Nick: just needed to know that info
16:10 ali: :)
16:11 ED-Nick: i liked that wet concrete idea in MDCS
16:11 ED-Nick: err MNCS
16:11 ali: Yeah
16:11 ED-Nick: that was a good use :)
16:12 ED-Nick: it seems that vizing isnt getting as much performance as it did in the retail game for some reason... either its us doing something wrong when we viz, or either our levels not being optimized...
16:13 ali: Hm. On my track it jumped from 7fps to 23.
16:14 ED-Nick: oh!
16:14 ED-Nick: :)
16:14 ali: But I have three separate parts, so that they find oiptimal circumstances

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