Chat Log: Jimk discovers something about exporting clusters of faces

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-03-25
Author: ali
18:51 jimk: I almost scraped the whole project because of the new method i use is that much better
18:52 Cybinary: so you wanna let us in on the secret new way?
18:52 Cybinary: or going to keep it a secret? =)
18:53 jimk: I was building everything seperate(walls floor inside building) depending on the texture it uses
18:54 jimk: rv export only allows one map per model!
18:55 Cybinary: one face? or one .bmp?
18:55 Antimorph: one bmp
18:55 Cybinary: ouch, that could be a problem
18:55 Cybinary: no wounder you cant export the whole track as one piece
18:55 jimk: But you can build your whole level in 3d max thentexture them with different maps.When u are done you select all the faces for one texture and then detach then
18:56 Antimorph: Magic
18:56 jimk: keeping the same center point for all your detached pieces
18:57 Antimorph: What a wonderful plan, your a hero Jim
18:57 jimk: export them individualy and then remap them using rv-remap and place then in your level one after anouther with out moving your arrow
18:58 Cybinary: ok, that makes sense....i think
18:58 jimk: thus placing them all with the same center in revolt they will all line up perfectly
18:59 jimk: goback to max and export your entire level with out the seperated models and export as ncp.prm
19:00 Antimorph: Can you export faces that are attached together, but separated by "Space"?
19:00 jimk: when you put your prms in the level folder they will not have a ncp file.
19:00 jimk: yes
19:01 Antimorph: excellent
19:01 Antimorph: Thats is a totally kewl idea
19:01 jimk: a model doesnt have to have all the sides touching
19:01 Antimorph: I hoped it didn't, otherwise you'd be exporting each face individually. hehe
19:01 jimk: it can be a bunch of faces all over
19:02 Antimorph: Do the smoothing groups under the edit mesh modifier effect shading at all do you know?
19:02 jimk: to select all the faces for each texture just hold down CTRL key when selecting then
19:03 jimk: I dont use that modif. it adds to many polys to your model
19:03 Antimorph: I'm thinking along the lines of the "Gar gloss problem" thread in the forum a few weaks back.. Ahh Ok
19:05 jimk: I havent experimented with all the modifiers to see what effects they have on the exported model in rv

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