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Date: 2000-05-11
Author: ali
10:37 GWC: Is it possible to alter the ai, or do you have to redo it completely?
10:38 GWC: My new track is to easy to beat
10:38 ali: Huh? You mean you have a lego track and want to optimize the AI node without creating them from scratch?
10:38 GWC: Yes
10:39 ali: No problem. Is possible.
10:39 GWC: How?
10:40 ali: Hm. What do you already know about AI editing?
10:41 GWC: Only what I have read at the various websites and what I have looked at with the 'makeitgood' cheat
10:42 GWC: I have put objects and instances into my tracks successfully
10:42 GWC: AI is next ;)
10:42 ali: Okay... So, I'll start from the beginning, and you stop me if something's unclear or boring:
10:42 GWC: OK
10:43 ali: AI nodes are a long list of small things that form the track.
10:44 GWC: K
10:44 ali: They have a green ball on the one side and a red on the other. The line that goes through all red ones is the one side of the tracks, the greens build the other.
10:44 GWC: right
10:44 ali: I just happen to forgot which color is which side - you have to look that up.
10:45 GWC: OK
10:45 ali: Connections between such nodes have a direction, indicated by the color of the connecting lines.
10:45 GWC: OK
10:46 ali: The green side line is black at one end and green on the other.
10:46 GWC: OK ALi
10:46 ali: The cars either drive black-to-green or reverse. Forgot that too, look into any track to see which is correct.
10:47 GWC: OK
10:47 ali: OK ALI? stop? faster? slower?
10:47 GWC: faster
10:47 GWC: ?
11:00 ali: Perhaps you should give me a starting point/question
11:00 GWC: I dont want to take up too much of your time
11:01 GWC: Right.
11:01 ali: NP
11:01 GWC: I think the AI is too slow on a corner - what do I do?
11:01 ali: speed it up :)
11:02 ali: In real:
11:02 GWC: Good idea
11:02 ali: The way the cars drive is no good one. Move the racing line so that cars can follow it at higher speeds,
11:02 ali: include a overtaking line
11:03 ali: And set the line type from "20mph Slowdown" (or whatever it is) to something faster - as fast as the line can be taken.
11:03 GWC: I tried to change it but I could not get rid of the one that is there already
11:03 ali: Could not get rid of what?
11:04 GWC: AI nodes, racing line
11:04 ali: No need to remove it - just move it.
11:04 GWC: how
11:05 ali: If you select one of the balls, you can move the racing line (white) with numpad-/ and numpad-* and the overtaking line with NP-8 and NP-9
11:05 ali: The NP-Enter key toggles type of line
11:06 ali: Select a ball with Return - with the left mouse button you can set it to another position.
11:10 ali: To delete a node: Select it (mouse cursor over ball, press Return), then press 'Delete'
11:10 ali: To add a new: Mouse cursor at position where the right ball should appear, press Insert
11:10 GWC: right
11:11 ali: Connect two: Select "from" node (mouse+return), mouse mouse pointer over "to" resp "target" node's ball, press Space
11:11 ali: mouse mouse pointer = move mouse pointer
11:13 GWC: OK
11:14 GWC: Is it that easy?
11:15 ali: Hm. Not really. The problem is that after you've done it, you'll see that the car's don't get the turn as you wanted it. Then you refine it. Then they drive it too slow. Refine. Then they loose direction and drive against the wall. Refine. and so on.
11:15 ali: But basically, yes.
11:16 ali: Best thing is to run a single race agfainst opponents with editing mode enabled,
11:16 ali: and look the cars pass your nodes,
11:16 GWC: I can take the problems! :)
11:16 ali: and look what they are doing wrong.

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