Chat Log: Neighboring texture's influence

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-05-18
Author: ali
14:24 Antimorph: Ali, I've hit upon a small antialiasing problem with tilable textures
14:25 ali: Eeek
14:25 Antimorph: RV always merges the colour of two adjacent pixels
14:25 ali: What problem?
14:25 Antimorph: and at the edge of tileable textures you get "bleed" from the neighboring pixel on the bmp
14:26 ali: Yeah, I know that problem. Two solutions:
14:26 Antimorph: kewl
14:26 Antimorph: although perhaps I wont like it :)
14:26 ali: One - let the thing use a smaller texture part. Half a pixel on each side. (if 3ds allows you to select half pixels :))
14:27 Antimorph: it does
14:27 Antimorph: 3ds antialiases by more than that though
14:27 ali: Second - Make a 1-pixel-border around the textures with the next tiled part.
14:27 Antimorph: k, is the aliasing threshold in RV 1 pixel?
14:28 Antimorph: I think its more in 3DS but as long as its ok in RV it don't matter much
14:28 ali: oops ... misunderstood
14:28 Antimorph: I can experiment
14:28 ali: hm. maybe not. Yes, try it
14:29 Antimorph: will do

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