Chat Log: Instances that cause weird problems

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Date: 2000-04-30
Author: ali
16:20 ali: I had some problems with the 3-seater...
16:21 Antimorph: yeah
16:21 Antimorph: when I looked at the mesh again
16:21 ali: When I created a .ncp for it, it seems that it was too complex and hit some innder limit
16:21 Antimorph: a few weird things
16:21 ali: So, whenever the car and camera came near to it,
16:22 ali: The track faded out and I was only able to see the skybox, nothing more
16:22 ali: And when I drove reverse, the track was fine again.
16:22 ali: So the .ncp I used for it is a scaled .ncp of the 1-seater
16:22 ali: Perhaps you should try to reduce the polygon count on it
16:23 ali: Or create a simpler version juist to use it's .ncp
16:23 ali: [Sorry for the types - I cut into my right index finger today, and it has some plataer aroung it]
16:24 Antimorph: There were problems with the mesh
16:24 Antimorph: I'd cloned the polygons on the arms so that three polygons occupied exactly the same positions
16:24 Antimorph: I am still mystified as to how it happened, I don't know if I told you that I was haveing problems saving them to .max file
16:24 Antimorph: when I re-looked at the mesh at first it appeared fine
16:24 Antimorph: ahh, this is complex
16:25 Antimorph: heh
16:25 Antimorph: The polygon count isn't that high, 1222 faces for the 3 seater
16:25 Antimorph: which isn't unreasonable, I'm sure the problem was due
16:25 Antimorph: to the fact that I had three layers of polygons
16:25 Antimorph: that essentially occupied the same coordinates
16:26 Antimorph: They were actually quite difficult to delete in MAX as well

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