Chat Log: Resizing cars & wheels and other ponderings

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Date: 2000-03-24
Author: ali
07:05 BurnRubr: so been busy tweaking any new cars ?
07:05 Antimorph: me, well I was playing around with RV-sizer
07:06 Antimorph: just making big and little cars, quite funny really
07:06 Antimorph: I noticed something funny when I resized the wheels though
07:07 Antimorph: when viewed from a distance they became their original size
07:07 ali: Back.
07:07 Antimorph: and when I closed in with the camera they changed back to the size I modified them to be
07:07 BurnRubr: micro machines
07:07 ali: The wheel .m files are different than any other thing like .w, .prm or .m.
07:07 Antimorph: k
07:08 BurnRubr: yes wheels not work with rv-sizer
07:08 BurnRubr: need wheels sized right before made into prm
07:08 BurnRubr: wheels are a prm file
07:08 ali: No.
07:09 BurnRubr: but stock wheels are different type prm
07:09 Antimorph: I'm beginning to understand, well not understand but comprehend at least
07:09 ali: .m for objects and car bodies are .prm's. .m for wheels are different. They contain lots of wheels, with different detail levels, while everything else comes without variants.
07:09 BurnRubr: something about polygons according to chaos
07:11 Antimorph: Thanks ali, I wonder why there is a difference.. No need to explain, I'll carry on wondering
07:12 ali: Easy to explain: Release date schedule, I think.
07:12 Antimorph: hehe

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