Chat Log: Pitfalls when making mirrors

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Date: 2000-05-28
Author: ali
15:50 ED-Nick: i couldnt get the mirror tool to work..
15:51 ED-Nick: i set up my portals in front of some glass and nothing..
15:52 ali: "In front of" means "upright" or "as a mirror at the wall"
15:54 ED-Nick: anyway.. i put my portal in front of (a flat surface _ ) i ran the tool , the rim file was made, but nothing showed up..
15:54 ali: green side up?
15:54 ED-Nick: yeah
15:55 ali: floor surface transparent? put the MIRRORS entry to the .inf file?
15:55 ED-Nick: i placed it in front of that transparent glass instance that spaceman used in his track
15:55 ED-Nick: yup
15:55 ED-Nick: same to the mirrors in the inf
15:56 ali: Argh.
15:56 ali: No idea
15:56 ali: what means "in front of" when talking about horizontal things?
15:57 ED-Nick: _______
15:57 ED-Nick: FLAT
15:57 ED-Nick: planar
15:57 ED-Nick: ______
15:57 ED-Nick: well you get the idea
15:58 ali: Hm. Can you send me the .rim?
15:59 ED-Nick: yeah
15:59 ED-Nick: oh wait.. no i cant.. i deleted it all
15:59 ED-Nick: the por and the rim file.. heh
15:59 ED-Nick got mad yesterday
15:59 ali: Maybe that's the reason why it doesn't work, hm?
16:00 ED-Nick: no.. i tried it out.. then i got mad..
16:00 ED-Nick: heh
16:00 ali: But the example thing worked?
16:01 ED-Nick: yeah
16:01 ED-Nick: i can see the example level fine
16:01 ED-Nick even saw a little bit of a mirrioring going on in the unplanar surface
16:02 ali: Did you have the thing you tried in a stock or user track folder?
16:02 ED-Nick: the / surface, i could see some mirroring down near bottom edge
16:02 ED-Nick: im using a stock folder
16:02 ali: Dang. Really? Ack
16:02 ED-Nick: for my custom track
16:02 ED-Nick: ..
16:04 LaserBeams: hi
16:05 LaserBeams: what's up as of now?
16:05 ali: nick can't get his mirrors to mirror
16:05 ED-Nick: yeah..
16:05 ED-Nick: ill go try it again real quick
16:06 ED-Nick: oh yeah, does the portal have to be EXACTLY on the face?
16:06 LaserBeams: um... strange
16:06 LaserBeams: no
16:06 LaserBeams: it does have to be exatly flat
16:06 ED-Nick: ok, hm
16:06 ED-Nick: k
16:06 ED-Nick: brb
16:06 LaserBeams: use the 90 degree rotators
16:06 LaserBeams: make sure green is up, and you have the tag in the trackname.inf file
16:08 ED-Nick: yeah , i use em
16:08 ED-Nick: hey ali.. why did your example track have ID's?
16:08 ED-Nick: erm, i mean in the portal
16:09 ED-Nick: like you had 12 0, 12 12, and another 12 0
16:09 LaserBeams: you dont need id's
16:09 LaserBeams: they don't matter
16:09 ali: Because when I started to write the tool, I played with ID. But they are completely useless now
16:10 ED-Nick: oh.. ok :)
16:10 ED-Nick runs the mirror tool now
16:11 ED-Nick goes and plays his track now
16:19 ED-Nick: n0pe
16:20 LaserBeams: well, whats the line in your inf file say?
16:20 ED-Nick: all i get is a whole buncha flickering
16:20 ED-Nick: under the glass
16:20 ED-Nick: where is the portal suposed to be?? above or below the transparent surface..
16:20 LaserBeams: below
16:20 ED-Nick: k, thats where it is..
16:20 LaserBeams: slightly
16:21 ED-Nick: thats all the room i have for it to be :)
16:21 ED-Nick: hmm
16:21 ED-Nick: lemme try something real quick.. it might be the fact that i have a surface under it
16:21 LaserBeams: hmm... nick - what do you mean by that's all the room you have?
16:21 ali: Argh!
16:21 LaserBeams: that's it!
16:21 ED-Nick: LOL
16:21 LaserBeams: silly nick
16:21 ali: You have a surface under it?
16:21 ED-Nick: gee..
16:21 ED-Nick: yeah
16:21 ED-Nick: lol
16:22 LaserBeams: the reflected instances are actually there
16:22 ED-Nick goes and hacks out his old fin file
16:22 LaserBeams: that means you can't have a surface there
16:22 LaserBeams: :)
  (time passes...)
16:58 ED-Nick goes and modifys his track now
17:05 ED-Nick: W00P!
17:05 ED-Nick: W0000000P
17:05 ED-Nick is exited now!!
17:06 ali: Boy
17:06 ali: Jumping around and shouting a bit, hm?
17:09 ED-Nick: yeah!
17:09 ED-Nick: hehe
17:09 ED-Nick: it was that surface under it :D

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