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Program description

This package contains the program "rvglue". You can use it to glue instances into your track, and perform some basic operations on them, like setting surface properties.

It is a tool for the command line. If you are not familar with that, you should now stop reading and begin to learn how to use it.

Legal Stuff and Copyright

This package and the program in it are Copyright © 2000 Alexander Kröller and Christer Sundin, © 2001 Gábor Varga.

This package and the program in it are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (or 'Copyleft', how its often called)

Re-Volt is a game by Acclaim Software.

This tool is intended to be used to modify or create self-made tracks for that game. Be warned that modifying original tracks may be a violation of copyright laws and/or the game license. I am not sure whether Acclaim would sue you for it, so you should better keep your eye at own tracks. You will also don't get any help from me if you try to modify original tracks. Be also warning that using original instances from the game may be illegal, too. Use instances published by people who permitted to modifying them.

As stated by the license text in GPL.txt, this tool comes with absolutely no warranty. If the tool crashes your computer, burns the monitor and kills your cat I am not liable for it.

You are encouraged to extend this tool by adding options, algorithms, tasks or anything you find useful. Read the GPL for details. I will surely include your work into this "official" package if you send it to me.

If you are curious whether the program contains something that may harm your computer, like a virus or a hard-disk formatting part, you are welcome to read the source code and build your own executable.

This program was developed under Linux (www.linux.org) and compiled for the windows environment with the free version of the "cygwin32" toolkit by Cygnus Solutions (www.cygnus.com). Source code and Makefile are written to fit those environments, and may require some modification before using different compilers. Especially the line breaks are unix-encoded, which can make it difficult to read the files under windows.

The source documentation was created with doxygen (external) .

Any trademark mentioned in any part of the package belongs to its owner. Write me if you want me to explicitely list you as owner of a specific trademark.

Contact and Feedback

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Write e-Mails to alirv@perror.de, christer@sundin.nu and bootes@freemail.hu.

Tutorials and news about the in-game editor, a.k.a. 'extreme editing', can be found at Gibbler's and Spaceman's Sites. (external)

If you have problems you can't solve at your own, look at the RacersPoint Forum. (external)

Updated versions of this package, the "Surface Test Track" and the "rvminis" can be found at ali's page. (external)

Extending rvglue

If you like this tool, you might want to help extending it. If you don't like it, you might want to extend it for yourself until you like it.

As stated by the GNU GPL, you are free to modify this program. The program's source code can be found in the "src\" directory.

I tried to keep the source separated in two parts, "app" and "lib". The latter consists of anything that is generic enough to be used for other tools. But keep in mind that using the source code for own programs automatically forces your tool to be published under the same license as this package.

If you are not familar with programming in C++, there are still many possibilities what you can do to help:

I would like to thank the people who helped me in writing this tool:

Bugs and Limitations

Known bugs are:

This program has some internal limits. The following limits can be changed by increasing a value in the source code:

There are some bugs which aren't serious and will thus not be fixed:

There are some missing features that will hopefully be present in later versions:

There are some limits inside Re-Volt whose exact values are not known. The game will crash if you reach such a limit. Try to reduce details and number of polygons in your track. Try to build a track that comes near to the limit and send it to me. Some of the limits are:


(7) rvtmod7 / rvglue beta7: July 29, 2002
(6) rvtmod6 / rvglue beta6: Oct 10, 2001
(5) rvtmod5 / rvglue beta5: July 3, 2001
(4) rvtmod4 / rvglue beta4: May 31, 2000
(3) rvtmod3 / rvglue beta3: Jan 16, 2000
(2) rvtmod2 / rvglue beta2: Jan 15, 2000
(1) rvtmod1 / rvglue beta1: Jan 13, 2000
initial release

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