Chat Log: Texturing non-planar things

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-05-23
Author: ali
17:11 SKITCH2: I am having problems with the texturing
17:12 SKITCH2: hard to controll
17:12 SKITCH2: when i set up the sub maps
17:12 Antimorph: speak some more Skitch
17:12 SKITCH2: I have set up the material editor the way you say
17:13 SKITCH2: but
17:13 SKITCH2: when i try to texture a box, it seems to map where it wants
17:13 SKITCH2: not where i tell it
17:13 SKITCH2: hehe
17:13 SKITCH2: good one hey
17:14 Antimorph: what do you mean by "it seems to map where it wants"?
17:14 Antimorph: are you able to distinguish the different bitmaps?
17:14 SKITCH2: when i select a poly to map
17:14 Antimorph: ok
17:14 SKITCH2: it seems to want to map the ones i dont select
17:15 Antimorph: Ahhh
17:15 Antimorph: thats ok, let me just talk for a minute
17:15 SKITCH2: k
17:15 Antimorph: and then tell me if you follow ok
17:15 SKITCH2: k
17:15 Antimorph: UV mapping is applied on a per object bases
17:16 Antimorph: therefore if you apply the UVW map modifier to a single face on an object
17:16 Antimorph: all the other faces will be given mapping coordinates
17:16 Antimorph: however,
17:16 Antimorph: these other faces have seemingly random textures
17:17 Antimorph: This is the same if your just mapping the box with a single texture sheet
17:17 Antimorph: You have either to map each face individually
17:17 Antimorph: one after the other
17:17 Antimorph: for surfaces that are essentially planer
17:18 Antimorph: you can select multiple faces and map them in one go
17:18 Antimorph: hmm
17:18 Antimorph: The easiest way to do a box
17:18 Antimorph: is to face map it
17:18 SKITCH2: yep
17:18 Antimorph: theres a little checkbox in the UVW map modifier
17:19 SKITCH2: yep seen that
17:19 Antimorph: Is any of this sounding familiar?
17:19 SKITCH2: yes
17:19 Antimorph: kewl
17:19 SKITCH2: will try that later :-)
17:19 Antimorph: The trick is to do you mapping in 2 dimensional planes
17:20 Antimorph: a box is diffucult
17:20 Antimorph: as it has three planes to worry about
17:20 SKITCH2: i see
17:21 Antimorph: but thats not an ase tool thing, its nothing to do with multiple bitmaps or the material editor
17:21 Antimorph: I'm not tryin to sound smart by the way
17:21 SKITCH2: hehe

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