Chat Log: Exporting leads to empty .prm

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-05-13
Author: ali
14:21 SKITCH2: I am just getting frustraited with max
14:21 SKITCH2: spent all day making a model and it doesnt seem to have any polys when i export it
14:23 Antimorph: how big is the file skitch?
14:23 SKITCH2: pretty small
14:23 SKITCH2: no bigger
14:23 SKITCH2: hang on
14:23 Antimorph: I mean the prm you make, yeah
14:24 SKITCH2: 4 byts
14:24 Antimorph: hehe
14:24 Antimorph: Are you in max now?
14:24 SKITCH2: I have tried to export it all dauy
14:24 SKITCH2: no
14:25 Antimorph: load it up with your mesh
14:25 SKITCH2: but I can be in two secs
14:25 SKITCH2: k
14:25 SKITCH2: ok
14:25 Antimorph: ok, you see the box at the top that says All
14:26 Antimorph: to the right of that theres a list thing
14:26 Antimorph: with a cursor
14:26 Antimorph: press that
14:26 Antimorph: tell me what it says in the left hand window
14:27 Antimorph: are you with me?
14:27 SKITCH2: cant find all
14:27 SKITCH2: hang on
14:27 Antimorph: ok, you see your move icon at the top the crossed arrows thing
14:28 Antimorph: The icon your looking for is "Select by Name"
14:28 Antimorph: should be to the left of "Select and Move"
14:28 SKITCH2: what menu are you in?
14:28 Antimorph: Main
14:29 Antimorph: and to the right of "selection filter"
14:29 Antimorph: 10 from the left in main
14:29 SKITCH2: havnt got any of that hmmm
14:29 Antimorph: Your in 2.5 or 3
14:29 SKITCH2: 3
14:30 SKITCH2: 3.1
14:30 Antimorph: ok, go to tools in the menu bar at the top
14:30 Antimorph: and selection floater
14:30 SKITCH2: k
14:30 Antimorph: what does it say in the left window?
14:31 SKITCH2: box1
14:31 SKITCH2: object01
14:31 SKITCH2: plane02
14:31 Antimorph: hehe
14:31 SKITCH2: what?
14:31 SKITCH2: what have i done?
14:31 Antimorph: ok, which of those are part of you model?
14:32 SKITCH2: ermmm?
14:32 SKITCH2: dont know
14:32 SKITCH2: hehe
14:32 Antimorph: select one with your mouse and hit select
14:32 SKITCH2: how do i tell?
14:32 Antimorph: at the bottom
14:33 Antimorph: if its part of you model it'll select it and you can move it about
14:33 Antimorph: chances are you won't be able to see anything but a pivot
14:33 SKITCH2: yep
14:33 Antimorph: do that for each in the list and work out which are not part of your model
14:33 Antimorph: what you've done
14:33 Antimorph: is inadvertantly made
14:33 SKITCH2: got it
14:34 Antimorph: additional objects
14:34 Antimorph: its easy to do
14:34 SKITCH2: just deleted the odd ones
14:34 SKITCH2: hehe
14:34 SKITCH2: silly me
14:34 Antimorph: all it takes is a click in the viewport
14:34 Antimorph: it will export now
14:34 SKITCH2: lol oopps

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