Chat Log: Texturing non-square things

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-05-07
Author: ali
17:27 Antimorph: What are you trying to model?
17:28 SKITCH2: I am making a basic road surface
17:28 SKITCH2: but I need to create hedges
17:28 Antimorph: k
17:28 Antimorph: will you drive on the hedges or are they decorative
17:29 SKITCH2: drive on them
17:29 Antimorph: kewl
17:29 SKITCH2: up to a steep wall
17:29 Antimorph: ok
17:29 Antimorph: Is the road straight or curved?
17:30 SKITCH2: curved
17:31 Antimorph: Skitch: Since the road is curved you need to pick pretty organic textures for your road surface
17:31 Antimorph: this is because you can't bend the bmp to fit the tile
17:31 SKITCH2: yep got ya
17:33 Antimorph: so skitch you need to use a pretty non descript texture for the road without many straight edges that would give the game away
17:33 Antimorph: you can do one of a few things
17:33 SKITCH2: ie:dirt?
17:34 Antimorph: you can make a plane for the road with as many segments as you think suitable for the texture size you gonna use, and then
17:34 Antimorph: build the curb as the curved piece and worry about the textures there
17:34 Antimorph: or you can make a plane with as many segments as you need and curve the "road" with the FFD box modifier
17:34 Antimorph: to make it the shape you want
17:34 SKITCH2: ok cool
17:35 Antimorph: The texture i'm assuming will be a subsection of a bmp?
17:35 SKITCH2: yep
17:36 Antimorph: ok, use the edit mesh, subobject polygon to
17:36 Antimorph: select the squares that form the plane, there are a few ways to do this
17:36 Antimorph: you can either select all the faces together and apply a UVW map to them
17:37 Antimorph: followed by UVW unwrap, and "fold" the virtual polygons on top of one another
17:37 SKITCH2: yep
17:37 Antimorph: one of the artifacts of this is that you can create swirls
17:37 Antimorph: as the adjacent polygons are actually the mirror of the neighboring one
17:37 Antimorph: and most tilable textures are only seemless
17:38 Antimorph: if you lay them next to each other
17:38 Antimorph: depending on how you made the texture, mirror tilable, or adjacent tilable
17:38 Antimorph: there is another method you can use
17:38 SKITCH2: yea
17:39 Antimorph: to map adjacent tilable select polygons that are non-contiguous, for instance your creating a checker board of selected polygons
17:39 Antimorph: but without polygons touching each other, even in the diagonal
17:39 Antimorph: then uvw map this sub-selection of the road, and apply your unwrap modifer
17:40 Antimorph: and move all the virtual polygons on top of one another, use weld to get perfect alignment
17:40 Antimorph: put them roughly in the area of the bmp you want to use for the tile
17:41 Antimorph: are you with me so far Skitch?
17:41 SKITCH2: i am
17:42 Antimorph: kewl, so you roughly placed these polygons that make a subsection of your road
17:42 Antimorph: for the polys that are non square, depending on the acuteness of your curve
17:42 Antimorph: just line them up on top of the square ones
17:42 Antimorph: if the angle of the bend is very acute
17:43 Antimorph: the texturing won't look as natural, but hey ho
17:43 SKITCH2: hehe
17:43 Antimorph: you'll have to experiment
17:43 SKITCH2: i will indeed
17:43 Antimorph: ok, so once you mapped one checkerboard, move on to the next
17:43 Antimorph: for any plane, to do the whole thing you have four operations
17:44 Antimorph: when they're all mapped roughly, select all the polygons that make the plane
17:44 Antimorph: dont't uvw map
17:44 Antimorph: go straight to unwrap
17:44 SKITCH2: yep
17:44 Antimorph: and weld all the vertices together for the corners
17:44 SKITCH2: ok
17:44 Antimorph: then zoom in and press the pixel snap icon bottom right
17:45 Antimorph: line up the corners of the virtual polys on the bmp
17:45 Antimorph: but leave a one pixel gap at the edge
17:45 SKITCH2: yep
17:45 Antimorph: because RV uses antialiasing between adjacent pixels
17:45 SKITCH2: got ya
17:45 Antimorph: if you don't have an edge, you get bleed from the
17:46 Antimorph: bmp subsection adjacent to the one your using
17:46 Antimorph: all will become clear. Any questions?
17:46 SKITCH2: not yet but i hant tried it yet hehe
17:47 Antimorph: you'll need to map your hedges in a seperate operation
17:47 SKITCH2: yep
17:47 Antimorph: it will not be worth, tiling them
17:47 Antimorph: if you gonna have rough hedges
17:47 Antimorph: if they're manicured ones, you'll have more luck
17:47 SKITCH2: yep
17:48 Antimorph: don't map
17:48 Antimorph: surfaces that are at right angles to each other
17:48 SKITCH2: they will be pretty smoth
17:48 Antimorph: in a single operation
17:48 Antimorph: so do the top of the hedge
17:48 Antimorph: and then the sides, or you could experiment
17:48 SKITCH2: ok
17:49 Antimorph: with a plugin called texporter
17:49 Antimorph: I haven't used it much
17:49 SKITCH2: ok
17:49 Antimorph: so i'm not the one to explain

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