Chat Log: Texturing to non-A.bmp with the Acclaim exporter

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-05-05
Author: ali
18:24 SKITCH2: i have made a few models but they only seem to be textured on nhood1a
18:24 Antimorph: Yeah, thats right use rv-remap to change that
18:24 Antimorph: the syntax is
18:24 Antimorph: rv-remap whatever.prm 0=X
18:24 SKITCH2: if i map then to c they allways come out as a
18:25 Antimorph: where X is 1 to 9 (I think)
18:25 SKITCH2: ok
18:25 Antimorph: the numbers represent the letters of the alphabet in ascending order
18:25 SKITCH2: got ya cheers
18:25 Antimorph: so 0=a, 1=b, etch

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