Chat Log: Quad patches

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-05-05
Author: ali
12:54 scloink: I have a question
12:54 scloink: how do I delete vertices from a quad patch
12:55 scloink: I am trying to make my tunnels out of quad patches
12:55 Antimorph: edit mesh, subobject vertex, select, press delete
12:55 scloink: so the textures will look better
12:55 Antimorph: hehe, I actually didn't use any
12:55 scloink: but I made a simple one and the polys were over 1000
12:55 scloink: what did you use
12:55 Antimorph: boxes, with segments
12:57 scloink: is there an easier way to make the tunnels?
12:57 Antimorph: if you want a lofted roof
12:58 Antimorph: (kinda arched) then use a segmented cylinder
12:58 Antimorph: if what your after is essentially square
12:58 Antimorph: use a segmented rectangle

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