Chat Log: Texturing planes in 3DS

Listed in: 3D Studio MAX
Date: 2000-04-30
Author: ali
12:59 SKITCH2: i need to work out how to texture a floor by tileing
13:01 scloink: well you can use a patch grid to make it easier to tile
13:01 Antimorph: Are you happy with tiling floors scloink
13:01 scloink: huh
13:01 Antimorph: using the UVW unwrapping modifier
13:01 Antimorph: its a breeze
13:01 scloink: I havn't messed with it yet
13:02 SKITCH2: i will try that again later
13:02 scloink: I need to though
13:02 Antimorph: I can run you through it anytime scloink/Skitch
13:02 SKITCH2: cool
13:02 Antimorph: you want to try now Skitch?
13:10 Antimorph: go to objects and draw a Plane any size you like
13:11 Antimorph: give it 10 length segments and 10 width segments
13:11 Antimorph: next to it draw a quad patch if you want
13:11 Antimorph: go to customise, viewport
13:11 Antimorph: click the box that says "Edged Faces"
13:12 Antimorph: on the left and the "Shade Selected Faces" on the right
13:12 Antimorph: Alt middle button rotate so that your looking down on your model
13:12 SKITCH2: k
13:12 Antimorph: to expand the perspective viewport, for the time being
13:12 Antimorph: click on the icon in the extreme bottom left of the max window
13:13 Antimorph: you with me so far/
13:13 SKITCH2: you mean the pad lock?
13:13 Antimorph: no, you see the hand
13:14 Antimorph: ?
13:14 Antimorph: two to the right of that
13:14 Antimorph: mibbe your user interface is slightly diffent
13:14 SKITCH2: k
13:14 SKITCH2: yep it is
13:14 Antimorph: k, no matter
13:14 SKITCH2: np
13:14 Antimorph: I'm just looking at the perspective view
13:14 Antimorph: that fills the whole window thats all
13:14 Antimorph: ok open up the material editor
13:15 SKITCH2: k
13:15 Antimorph: click on gray box next to diffuse
13:15 Antimorph: and load treka.bmp
13:15 SKITCH2: k
13:16 Antimorph: I'm gonna map the tiles to the top left
13:16 Antimorph: I.e the holodeck lines
13:16 Antimorph: but its the same thing
13:16 Antimorph: if you want to do the left hand corner
13:16 Antimorph: oops
13:16 Antimorph: you know what I mean
13:16 SKITCH2: heh
13:16 Antimorph: ok, make sure your plane is selected
13:17 Antimorph: then in the material editor click the apply map to selected button
13:17 Antimorph: and you could also click show map in viewport
13:17 SKITCH2: k
13:17 Antimorph: this will map the entire texture onto the plane
13:18 Antimorph: ok now go to the modifiers menu
13:18 Antimorph: the half pipe icon
13:18 Antimorph: on the right
13:18 Antimorph: and press UVW map
13:18 Antimorph: then click more
13:18 SKITCH2: k
13:18 Antimorph: and select UVW unwrap
13:18 Antimorph: and then click the edit button
13:18 Antimorph: when it comes up
13:19 Antimorph: ok, do you see a window with you bmp in it
13:19 Antimorph: and some lines on it
13:19 SKITCH2: yep
13:19 Antimorph: kewl
13:19 Antimorph: go to the options icon
13:20 Antimorph: next to UV icon
13:20 Antimorph: open it and deselect constant update in viewports
13:20 SKITCH2: k
13:20 Antimorph: now click and drag a square round all the points on the right
13:21 Antimorph: that make the right hand side edge
13:21 Antimorph: of the bmp
13:21 Antimorph: there should be ten points
13:21 Antimorph: on the right
13:21 Antimorph: a hundred points in total
13:21 Antimorph: you want the ten on the right
13:21 SKITCH2: got it
13:21 Antimorph: they'll turn red when they're selected
13:21 Antimorph: ok
13:21 SKITCH2: k
13:22 Antimorph: no move them so they superimpose
13:22 SKITCH2: yep
13:22 Antimorph: on the points in colum 8
13:22 Antimorph: don't worry if they're not completely aligned
13:22 Antimorph: we can fix that later
13:22 Antimorph: ok, now deselect those
13:22 SKITCH2: k
13:23 Antimorph: and repeat the process folding the virtual polygons as if they were
13:23 Antimorph: a flat sheet of paper
13:23 Antimorph: always go
13:23 Antimorph: from the extreme right
13:23 SKITCH2: hehe cool
13:23 Antimorph: repeat that until you just have
13:23 Antimorph: 2 colums of points left
13:24 Antimorph: and ten "squares2 running from top to bottom
13:24 Antimorph: remember you don't have to be accurate
13:24 SKITCH2: yep
13:24 Antimorph: ok
13:25 Antimorph: to the left of the update map icon
13:25 Antimorph: is what looks like a brush in a can of paint
13:25 Antimorph: althouh it probably isn't
13:25 Antimorph: "Weld Selected"
13:25 SKITCH2: it is
13:25 Antimorph: highlight a colum of points
13:25 Antimorph: and press that
13:26 Antimorph: you'll see them align themselves
13:26 Antimorph: repeat that for the other colum of points
13:26 SKITCH2: yep
13:26 Antimorph: if their not
13:26 Antimorph: perfectely aligned don't worry yet
13:26 Antimorph: now fold from the bottom to the top
13:26 Antimorph: as you did from left to right
13:27 SKITCH2: i see
13:27 Antimorph: Skitch now you should have one "square" yeah
13:28 SKITCH2: yep
13:28 Antimorph: select all the points and weld them again
13:28 Antimorph: if their not perfectly aligned its due to
13:28 Antimorph: the threshhold for the weld operation
13:28 Antimorph: ok select them all and using the sizing icon
13:29 Antimorph: to resize that "sqare" over the area of the bmp that you want to use for the tile
13:29 Antimorph: move the corner points
13:29 Antimorph: individually to where you want them to be
13:30 Antimorph: you can zoom in
13:30 SKITCH2: ahh ok
13:30 Antimorph: if you need to
13:32 Antimorph: close the window when your happy
13:32 Antimorph: you should see a tiled plane in your viewport
13:32 SKITCH2: still fiddling hehe
13:32 SKITCH2: good fun this :)
13:36 Antimorph: k, thats that bit done
13:36 Antimorph: do you want to mess around doing that sort of thing
13:36 Antimorph: for a while
13:36 Antimorph: you could select
13:36 Antimorph: whichever faces
13:36 Antimorph: you wanted to map using editmesh
13:36 Antimorph: and do a similar thing
13:37 Antimorph: just takes a little bit of practice
13:37 Antimorph: and you'll get it
13:37 Antimorph: I'm sure of that

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