Chat Log: The different AI line types

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Date: 2000-05-17
Author: ali
16:23 LaserBeams: Space, can you give me a quick rundown of AI editing?
16:23 Spaceman: what do you want to know?
16:23 LaserBeams: Or do you know where I can find a tut?
16:23 LaserBeams: mostly what the lines mean
16:23 Spaceman: no tut's available. only key tables
16:24 Spaceman: the most important ones:
16:24 LaserBeams: I know some of the node functions, and that's enought for now
16:24 Spaceman: racing line and 15 mph slow down
16:24 LaserBeams: yes :)
16:24 LaserBeams: what does petrol throttle do?
16:24 Spaceman: really, if you don't use different surface properties, you dont need anything beside these two
16:25 Spaceman: petrol throttle, dunno
16:25 LaserBeams: turbo line?
16:25 Spaceman: i found out that most of the properties are not used in the original tracks either
16:25 Spaceman: turbo line means where the Ai is free to use a turbo pickup if they have one. should be placed before a long straight
16:26 LaserBeams: I thought as much... what about throttle off... I assume it kills the engine?
16:26 Spaceman: yeah, the small AI man turns off the car, jumps out and goes into the pub :)
16:27 LaserBeams: Computer Gremlins... hehe
16:27 Spaceman: off throttle means (IMO) that they let of the gas pedal but don't brake. a slow down node will tell them to brake down to the desired speed
16:59 LaserBeams: How does the AI use the overtaking line?
16:59 LaserBeams: as compared to the racing line?
16:59 Spaceman: when necessary. if they think they can take advantage of it
16:59 Spaceman: (description follows)
17:00 LaserBeams: I see.
17:00 Spaceman: imagine cougar approaching pset control. it has a higher top speed, so it'll reach pset in a second. then the Ai switches to overtaking line in order not to hit the other car
17:00 Spaceman: not pset, pest!
17:02 Spaceman: to Ai lines again: just make sure that your starting area has an overtaking line quite different from the racing line so the cars won't pile up that much at the start
17:03 LaserBeams: I see - good idea
17:03 Spaceman: really, it wokrs
17:03 LaserBeams: You are a genius, methinks
17:04 Spaceman: that's the prob with track editor stuff: racing and overtaking line are always the same so the cars pile up everywhere they meet

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