Version 0.7 Last Modified 29th July 2002


The ASE tools would not have been possible without the wisdom, support, and encouragement of :- 

 Cybinary, LaserBeams, Scloink, Skitch2, Spaceman, SuperTard,  Triple6s, and Gyula Kosa

Thank you

Copyright and Legal Information for the ASE Tools Component of rvtmod7

  • The ASE tools package is Copyright © 2000 of Alexander Kröller and Steven Ellis, Copyright © 2001-2002 of Gábor Varga.
  • This program and it's documentation are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License , version 2.
  • They come with absolutely no warranty, for details see the license text .
  • You are free to redistribute it under certain conditions, which are also described in the license.
  • Any trademark mentioned anywhere in the package, the documentation or the tools belong to their respective owners. If you own such a trademark and would like to be listed as its owner, contact ali, Antimorph or Gabor at the addresses below.