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"At Home"
This is a playable track made by me. No technical example, just a "fun track".
At Home screenshot
Download: at_home.zip (1460 KBytes)
Surface type test track
A test track (not "playable") where you can drive on some areas with different (and labeled) surface properties - meant to be an aid in finding suitable properties for your own creations.
Download: surftest.zip (117 KBytes)
Tools and downloads
rvtmod7 (rvglue7 / asetools 2.0 / mkmirror)
This is the package to modify and create tracks.
It contains several programs:
  • rvglue7: Versatile tool to do a lot of different things with tracks and instances.
  • ase2prm, ase2w, ase2taz, ase2vis: Converters for .ase files. Gives you the ability to create instances and whole tracks (including track zones and viziboxes) in 3D Studio MAX.
  • mkmirror: a tool to create mirroring surfaces
Since version 5 rvtmod is maintained by Gábor Varga, and credit thus belongs to him.
[ase-Tools logo] [rvglue logo]
Download: rvtmod7.zip (3.6 MBytes)
Documentation is included, but also available online.
If you like to download prior versions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are available.
(The two program logos above have been made by Mr. Spaceman. Pretty neat, huh?)
Set of 14 small tools that offer various operations, mostly on instance files. (Including abilities to remap texture positions, creating transparency and changing colors and shading). Like rvtmod, the minis are maintained by Gábor Varga.
Download: rvminis5.zip (200 KBytes)
Tool that creates a dump-out of instance and world files for people who are interested in some file internas.
Download: rvdump.zip (15 KBytes)
Info documents
Track and instance file structure breakdown
If you are interested in details of some files, read this description of
.W, .PRM, .NCP, .POR and .RIM files. (last update: June 5, 2000)
Car .hul file structure breakdown
infos on .HUL. (last update: June 5, 2000)


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